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We've Got Friends


What We Do

We've Got Friends is a program that provides hangouts for teens with special needs. It's a simple idea that has an enormous impact on the children and families who participate. Most teens with special needs have no sort of social circle. They have few friends and rarely get invited to parties or hang out as their peers do. This program helps these teens develop their very own social group through music, meals, movement, crafts and dance.
We've Got Friends is currently raising money to build the foundation and staffing for our programs.

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Board of Directors

Candi Carter is the Board Chair and  Founder of We've Got Friends. Our Board of Directors has helped support us.

Annual Golf Event

Our 4th annual Golf Outing was held on Monday, July 10th 2023 at Glen Ridge County Club, Glen Ridge, NJ. Our event helps raise money to help teens with special needs develop friend groups of their own. The event included golf, lunch, with an after party dinner, awards ceremony, silent auction, and entertainment. Click here to read more about it.

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