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Casa Honors My Pal and “We’ve Got Friends” Board Member David Ambroz

My dear friend and fellow board member for We’ve Got Friends, the organization I started that helps teens with special needs develop friend groups of their own, was honored by CASA the organization that advocates for children in the foster care system. David is a hugely successful executive who used to work with me at Disney and now works for Amazon. His childhood is an unimaginable story that doesn’t seem like it could be true but it is. He has grown up to be an incredible human being who is giving back and helping kids in foster care and as a result was honored by Casa of New York City. David continues to dedicate his life to helping young people in foster care especially LGBTQ+ youth. He’s written an incredible memoir called, “A Place Called Home.” I highly recommend you pick it up. And that’s Jordanna Spaulding with us the Executive Director of We’ve Got Friends.

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