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WFA Culture: Work From Anywhere

So that’s a picture of me and my Assistant/Community Manager Brianna. A few years back, both of us worked for Disney at ABC NEWS. I was the executive producer of The View and then the Tamron Hall show. Brianna was working on the show Nightline at the time. Who would think that just a few years later we would be working together and working for a tech company that has a work from anywhere culture. When you come from corporate environments you never imagine that when people say you can work from anywhere they actually mean it. The company we work for is called Knocking is a four-year-old e-commerce production company that has grown leaps and bounds and has such an incredible future ahead of it. The founders swear by a work from anywhere culture. There are no offices. Our staff is all over the world- Argentina, Canada, the US, Germany, and Singapore. It’s an incredible melting pot of talent. I had a meeting in the NYC and I asked Brianna to meet me near Rockefeller Center. It was so much fun, it felt like a field trip. This week, Brianna landed in Hawaii for a month. She’ll be working remotely from there enjoying the surf, the beach, and all kinds of new adventures while she’s being productive at Knocking. Everyone at Knocking couldn’t be more thrilled for her and all of the employees around the world who are experiencing life and “Knocking” shit out at the same time. #WFA

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