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Why Spring is a Season of Hope

Every year I get so excited when spring comes around because I think spring is the most beautiful time of year. I love this season the most because life is growing every single day. Tulips are popping up, trees are growing in, the grass is getting green. It’s a reminder that something new and beautiful can grow and sprout just about anywhere. And I think that also applies to our lives. No matter how long we’ve been at a certain job or how long we’ve been in a certain location or the fact that we’ve been doing the same thing over and over again, new things CAN grow and new things WILL develop. Spring for me is a reminder that growth is always possible.

Aside from the hope that spring brings I love the food too! I’m no farmer but it’s great to feast on cucumbers, bell peppers and fresh herbs from my little garden. I usually have more tomatoes than my family can consume so gardening becomes a communal affair. We share with friends and neighbors which makes my labor of love that much sweeter.

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